Valiant Women of the Bible is a personal ministry of Laura L. Zielke, MDiv, CC. Laura is a deep thinker and Bible nerd, but most of all, she is passionate about helping women of all ages learn how to dig into the Bible and find hidden treasures and new insights.

Laura Zielke and study materials

Laura is not afraid to question tradition and challenges people to evaluate their beliefs according to the Scriptures rather than accepting at face-value what someone else says they should believe. It’s like Biblical fact-checking.

Laura as a graduate

Laura graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Religion from California Baptist University (left two photos) and went on to earn her Master of Divinity—Correlated from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (right two photos) with an emphasis on Biblical Studies, Archaeology, and Languages. She has been blessed to serve as a lay leader in local churches for 35+ years and spent the past six years serving nonprofit leaders in the Nonprofit Leadership Lab. Read more about Laura’s background here: