Valiant Women of the Bible

Are you ready to dive into a journey filled with discovery, enlightenment, and a fresh look at the remarkable women and girls named in the Bible? Valiant Women of the Bible by Laura Zielke offers an inspiring deep dive into the lives of these incredible figures who defied expectations and made indelible marks on their families, communities, and the world at large.

Delving into Scripture, Laura enriches each story with meticulous research on the historical, societal, and cultural contexts, offering you a vivid picture of their lives and times. Experience firsthand how God’s work unfolded through these valiant women, overcoming daunting obstacles and challenges along the way.

But this book goes beyond mere storytelling. It’s a bridge connecting the past with the present, making these ancient women feel like real, relatable individuals. The modern, inclusive photographs gracing each chapter invite you to envision these biblical characters in today’s world, adding a powerful dimension to their stories.

Prepare to be moved and empowered as you discover the critical roles a diverse array of women played in the biblical narrative. Their stories span the gamut of human experience—from the joy of motherhood to the pain of infertility, from founding cities to their destruction, showcasing their remarkable resilience, strength, and faith.

Join the waiting list for Valiant Women of the Bible, Volume One: From Eve to Esther, and ready yourself for an unforgettable journey that will illuminate these ancient women in ways you’ve never imagined.

VALIANT WOMEN OF THE BIBLE will be a two-volume set:

Volume 1: From Eve to Esther — Available Spring 2024
Volume 2: From Elizabeth to Eunice — Available Fall 2024

You’ll be encouraged to reflect on every story so you never forget that God has always worked through women like you and me—and He still does!

Each volume researched and written by Laura L. Zielke, MDiv, CC.

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